EDFD177 - Contexts for Learning and Development in a Diverse Society

10 cp
Prerequisites Nil
Teaching Organisation Nil

The pre–service teacher will begin to address critical questions about the influences on adolescent development and the role of schools in educating for a more just and equitable society.

This unit focuses on fundamental concepts and theories of learning and development, using a critical reflective approach. It aims to deepen understanding of children and adolescents both as individuals and as participants in society. All pre–service teachers will consider and critique a range of theories concerning the physical, cognitive and psychosocial aspects of development and will examine ideas and debates about the contexts of development with specific reference to family, early childhood settings, school, peers, and diverse cultural and social contexts, including developmental diversity. The unit emphasises the importance of pre–service teachers developing an informed, theoretical perspective; one that acknowledges different ways of knowing about and participating in society from different worldviews that reflect on issues of the common good, including Indigenous ways of knowing.

The learning within this unit will be facilitated by ICT in order to assist pre–service teachers’ contemporary skills for learning.