EDCU361 - Early Childhood Curriculum and Pedagogy

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This unit focuses on extending pre-service teachers’ knowledge of high quality early childhood programs that support young children’s learning and development. The unit critically examines the principles and perspectives underpinning contemporary early childhood play based learning and early childhood pedagogical practices that are responsive to diverse language, cultural, religious and socio-economic backgrounds. The unit explores a range of theoretical and curriculum frameworks and how these frameworks inform content and processes that support learning in early childhood settings. Pedagogical practices that actively engage children in play and other worthwhile contexts for learning and teaching are critically considered from multiple perspectives. These perspectives include the broader ecological, social and cultural contexts of teaching; the safety, health and well-being of young children; the diversity of experiences; continuities and transitions; the relationships that shape young children’s lives; and the nature and needs of young learners.  Concepts and skills introduced in this unit will be implemented during guided field experiences and the block practicum in a setting for children birth-2 years.