EDAB162 - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Perspectives for Educators

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EDAB161 Indigenous Cultures and Peoples
Teaching Organisation: This online unit is an alternative unit to EDAB161 and EDAB111 Indigenous Cultures and People, which are studied in attendance mode.

EDAB162 recognises the role that evolving knowledges play in the way that communities understand and act in the world. Without knowledge of the past one cannot appreciate the present or predict the future. There is a societal expectation that educators have a thorough understanding of the diversity of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, a knowledge and understanding of historical events and movements impacting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians, and be able to recognise and combat racism in all its forms. This unit further emphasises the importance of situating learning within a local context and encourages pre-service teachers to investigate and engage with the cultures and history of their local region. This unit will assist students to develop an appreciation for the cultural diversity within their own communities and an understanding of how these communities have evolved, the organisations and people around them, while at the same time developing an understanding of cultural bias and cultural assumptions locally, nationally and internationally.