DVST101 - Humanitarian Work and Development Aid

10 cp
Prerequisites Nil
Teaching Organisation 3 hours per week for 12 weeks or equivalent

Humanitarian aid workers provide life-saving relief like food, water, shelter and medical treatment to populations in distress with the aim of alleviating suffering and restoring human dignity. As a response to complex emergencies arising out of conflict and natural disasters, humanitarian work is an important part of the international development sector. This unit provides students with a foundational introduction to humanitarian work and aid. Students will examine the historical evolution of humanitarian aid, humanitarian principles and organisations as well as the relationship between humanitarian and development work. The unit will canvass a variety of important issues in the contemporary humanitarian sector, including human rights, gender, climate change, food security and civil-military relations. It will provide students with a good understanding of the complex web of international humanitarian actors and international frameworks governing humanitarian practice through the use of case studies from the developing world.

The aim of this unit is to acquaint students with the evolution of humanitarian action and the complex issues facing contemporary aid workers and humanitarian relief organisations. The unit serves as a foundation for advanced units in Development Studies.