DVST100 - Introduction to International Development Studies

10 cp
Prerequisites Nil
Teaching Organisation

This is the foundational specified unit for the Bachelor of International Development Studies, as well as an elective or minor unit for those students choosing to undertake International Development as part of the Bachelor of Arts. Professional work in the development sector requires graduates who are knowledgeable about the institutions and contexts that surround development issues in the Global South.

This unit introduces key thinkers, concepts and theories in the evolution of international development as it affects the Global South ("Third World"). Development will be examined from historical, political, social and economic perspectives, but there will be an emphasis on an ethical approach in line with the University's Mission. Using case studies and voices from NGO practitioners, the unit considers issues such as gender, sustainable development, contemporary humanitarian practice, Australia's aid and development program, the role of NGOs and the United Nations system, culture and First Nations peoples' responses.

The aim of this unit is to introduce key ideas, theories and issues in development studies. These ideas are expanded on in subsequent units.