BUSN113 - Managing People and Organisations

10 cp
Incompatible MGMT100 Managing: People, Systems and Culture
Teaching Organisation 12 weeks or equivalent.

Anyone working in, or with, business will interact with organisational systems and the people within them. This is the case for those who are workers, line managers, senior executives, advisors, contractors, or consultants. Understanding the characteristics of how people and organisations work, and are practically navigated, is an important part of any business practitioners’ role. This unit provides introductory information about these issues including basic management theory and practice, systems thinking and management, organisational structures, organisational communication, teams and leadership. It also introduces you to disciplines important in managing people in organisations, namely management and human resource management The unit will provide the opportunity for you to assimilate this information through consideration of social responsibility, sustainability and ethical issues for business. You will have the opportunity to apply basic management models and concepts to organisational problems including international and indigenous perspectives. Last you will apply skills in written and oral communication, individually and in teams and practice the different communication styles required for different target audiences.

The aim of this unit is to provide you with a broad foundational base for those working with people and systems in organisations and on which those conducting further study in business can build additional knowledge and skills.