BUSN112 - Managing Markets

10 cp
Incompatible MKTG100 Marketing: Creating and Capturing Customer Value
Teaching Organisation 12 weeks or equivalent.

All organisations need to be able to evaluate, analyse and respond to external forces. Key amongst the environments within which organisations operate are the legal/political, economic and consumer environments. In this unit, you will develop the required knowledge effective managers need for analysing the challenges of the changing external environment by learning strategies to support effective decision-making in Marketing, Statistics, Business Law and Economics.

The knowledge you develop in this unit will enable you to analyse the potential risks and opportunities of doing business in competitive consumer and business markets. You will achieve this by developing an understanding of the legislative and economic frameworks relevant to business with a particular emphasis on consumer and business law perspectives. Taking this knowledge you will apply it to the outwardly focused management function of marketing.

The aim of this unit is to enhance your knowledge the external environments in which organisations operate, to develop basic statistical skills to analyse trends in these environments and apply this knowledge to activities relevant to the marketing function.