BUSN111 - Working with Technology

10 cp
Prerequisites Nil
Incompatible ISYS111 Fundamentals of Business Information Systems
Teaching Organisation 12 weeks or equivalent.

Technological advances over the past 20 years have fundamentally changed the nature of work and communications. As technology continues to evolve at an ever-increasing pace, all employees need an appreciation of how technology impacts on the way in which we engage in the workplace. In this unit you will explore the impact of technology and information systems on the workplace. You will develop your knowledge of different applications of technology including the role of information systems in organisations, big data analysis as an input to managerial decision making, the changing nature of communications and the potential impact of artificial intelligence on traditional work practices and the professions. You will also investigate the ethical impact of technology on the way in which organisations engage with employees and consumers as well as technology’s broader social impact. You will develop skills in technology enhanced communication in a variety of settings and organisational contexts. The aim of this unit is to enhance your knowledge of technology and its impact on people, work and society and to develop your skills in using technology to contribute positively to the effective operation of the workplace.