BUSN104 - Money Matters

10 cp
Prerequisites Nil
Incompatible ACCT100 Introduction to Accounting
Teaching Organisation 12 weeks or equivalent

Without knowledge of ethical accounting and financial analysis skills the business world could collapse. This unit will provide a non-specialist grounding in accounting and financial management so that you can appreciate the financial dimensions of decisions within business. Moreover, the unit is steeped in the role of ethics and corporate social responsibility within the context of financial management and sustainability in the promotion of the common good. The unit will enable you to understand the impact of economic transactions on a business’ financial and operating capability as well as to recognise the use of accounting information in decision making without getting bogged down in the mechanics of the system. Building on this, you will develop fundamental financial planning and forecasting skills so that you can utilise these skills in life or in business. The aim of this unit is to introduce accounting and financial management skills in a non-technical way so you will be able to develop financial and accounting literacy as a life skill.