BIPX302 - Professional Experience C

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BIPX301 Professional Experience B
Teaching Organisation Students will be required to attend workshops as well as undertake their professional experience in an organisation. A minimum of 6 hours of on campus workshops plus 20 days (equivalent to 140 hours) to be organised by students as a full–time block in the mid–year break or on a part–time basis over a longer period.

This unit is the third in a series of three professional experience units, and integrates and builds on existing experiences from previous units BIPX301 and BIPX100. This unit facilitates students exploring another area of their chosen major, while undertaking activities at a higher level than was undertaken in BIPX301. It provides students with the opportunity to gain a more comprehensive industry perspective of their chosen field.

The focus for students will be on another aspect of their chosen major. It is expected that this placement will be of an increased level of complexity and responsibility and it allows the students to gain a more in depth experience than undertaken in BIPX301. It is also expected that additional theory and knowledge will be explored with higher level skills demonstrated.

Students can take this unit only after completing BIPX301 thus allowing them an extended time in industry during their degree.