BIPX301 - Professional Experience

10 cp
Prerequisites BIPX202 Community Engagement: Building Strengths and Capabilities or HLSC301 Community Engagement
Teaching Organisation Online.

The world of business is highly complex and functions are undertaken within a rapidly changing global and technological environment. To be a skilled business professional you will need to think critically and reflectively about the discipline specific theory acquired. In this unit, you will obtain "real world" experience in your chosen field of study. Working directly with a variety of corporate, government, and not-for-profit organizations, the program creates opportunities in fields such as accounting, marketing, management, human resources, event management, information technology, finance and OH&S. You will develop professional skills in project management, communication, research, teamwork in order to deliver information which will assist the organisation to be successful. You will complete up to 105 hours of approved placement within the semester. An approved placement may be undertaken via a work placement (internship) which may be undertaken in an organisation of any size, including a start-up, and within any industry or sector ie not-for-profit, commercial or government.

The aim of this unit is to enhance your professional knowledge, apply theory and practices and to develop your understanding of organisational and business culture and processes. Students will gain the confidence, knowledge and skills necessary to effectively prepare for the future in the field of discipline or chosen profession.