BIPX201 - Business Experience

10 cp
Prerequisites: Completion of 80 cp
Incompatible: BIPX301 Professional Experience B.
Teaching Organisation: Students will be required to attend workshops as well as undertake their professional experience in an organisation. Workshops will prepare them for seeking a job, understanding legal requirements and understanding the requirements for assessment. A Professional Experience Coordinator will be available to help students find placements and to handle any problems that might occur during placements.

A minimum of 6 hours of on campus workshops plus 20 days (equivalent to 140 hours) to be organised by students as a full-time block in the mid-year break or on a part-time basis over a longer period.

This unit facilitates students moving into the workforce and provides them with the opportunity to develop an industry perspective of their chosen field of study. The placement could be in variety of private, public, community, or indigenous organisations and specialising in verity of business operations including not for profit. The placement gives students opportunities to apply theory from their study, either directly or by observation of management within the placement organisation, and to analyse and compare theory and practice. This experience in the field enables the development of students' critical thinking skills. Through their written assessments students have an opportunity for critical evaluation of theory and practice.