BIOL126 - Human Biology 2

10 cp
Prerequisites: BIOL125 Human Biology 1
Incompatible: BIOL121 Human Biological Science 1, BIOL122 Human Biological Science 2, BIOL124 Human Body in Health and Disease 1, BIOL204 Human Body in Health and Disease 2

To function successfully as a physiotherapist, it is essential that one has a thorough understanding of the principles of anatomy and physiology in the healthy individual. BIOL126 is the second of two foundation science units. In this unit the students' knowledge of structure and function of cells, tissues and organs will be extended to the understanding the normal function of the endocrine, integumentary, digestive, urinary, reproductive and immune systems across the lifespan. Students will be introduced to embryological development, maintenance of homeostasis, immunity, the body's response to pathogens, stress and injury, and exercise physiology. In addition, basic concepts of pathophysiology and principles of pharmacotherapy will be examined. The aim of this unit is to provide an introduction to the anatomy and physiology of selected systems and develop an understanding of the role of those systems in the maintenance of homeostasis.