BIOL124 - Human Body in Health and Disease 1

10 cp
Prerequisites: BIOL123 Cells and Tissues - The Fabric of Life
Incompatible: BIOL121 Human Biological Science 1, BIOL122 Human Biological Science 2, BIOL125 Human Biology 1, BIOL126 Human Biology 2, BIOL128 The Human body

The purpose of this unit is to introduce students to the structure, function and dysfunction of the nervous, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and respiratory systems, and briefly explain epidemiological principles. The integrated actions of the body systems in maintaining a constant internal environment (homeostasis) will be explored. Students will investigate the aetiology of diseases in the selected systems, showing the role of cellular and biochemical dysfunction in pathophysiology. Epidemiology of the selected diseases will be discussed with an Indigenous and international focus. This unit builds on the earlier biology units of The Human Body and Cells and Tissues: The Fabric of Life, and provides a foundation for Human Body in Health and Disease 2 and studies in Pharmacology. This unit aims to enable comparison of normal structure and function of the human body with changes in cellular, tissue, organ, systemic and whole body levels in diseases affecting the selected systems, which is essential for both biomedical and nutritional sciences.