ACCT303 - Strategic Management Accounting

10 cp
Prerequisites ACCT204 Management Accounting
Teaching Organisation 4 hours per week for twelve weeks or equivalent

Strategic management accounting includes not only internal information but also external economic information when analysing and preparing financial information. Including external economic information can help companies plan for changes in the business marketplace outside of the company's control, such as competitors entering the market or the threat of substitute goods and services competing for the company's market share. This unit builds upon the core of management accounting issues and control systems learned in an earlier unit. This unit delves into complex management accounting areas and will provide you with the expert skills needed for decision support and managerial control in contemporary society. You will learn techniques and skills, including activity-based budgeting and management, capital budgeting, inventory management, issues of centralisation and decentralisation, and performance measurement and capacity problems that will enable you to provide valuable information and guidance for firms. The aim of this unit is to further develop your decision-making skills and promote the common good in various contexts.