ACCT300 - Auditing

10 cp
Prerequisites ACCT209 Corporate Accounting
Teaching Organisation 4 hours per week for twelve weeks or equivalent

Accounting is a profession for which public trust is paramount. Auditing and assurance services provide credence to published financial statements and therefore, are one of the major activities of the accounting profession. Auditing is a vital economic and accounting function on which a number of people rely on to make decisions. As such, this unit will raise your awareness of the interplay between auditing, common good and stewardship. This unit covers both theoretical and practical aspects of auditing. The knowledge and competencies learned in this unit are applicable in many other countries as international accounting standards are used throughout the course. This unit introduces you to the concepts and practice of auditing, the way the profession has developed and how it addresses current business and social needs. Particular emphasis is placed on an appreciation of ethical standards and corporate governance issues in auditing and the role auditors play, in developing and reinforcing sound governance practices and processes. The aim of this unit is to emphasise contemporary auditing theory and practices, and provides a stimulating and research-informed learning environment which will develop your critical thinking and team working skills.