ACCT209 - Corporate Accounting

10 cp
Prerequisites ACCT207 Financial Accounting
Teaching Organisation 4 hours per week for twelve weeks or equivalent

Accurate and thorough financial reporting skills are imperative for any accountant. This unit builds on studies of financial reporting in earlier units by extending the content to include more complex financial and corporate accounting issues. This unit will equip you with necessary knowledge and skills to be employed in accounting roles which require financial reporting skills. You will further develop your financial reporting skills and prepare financial statements for companies, and groups of companies, that comply with all legal and accounting requirements. You will also learn to use advancing digital and research technologies to determine and highlight where weaknesses exist in financial reporting. This unit aims to provide students with an understanding of, and practice in, applying accounting methods that are used to prepare and organise a company’s (or group of companies) financial statements that comply with all legal and accounting requirements.