ACCT100 - Introduction to Accounting

10 cp
Prerequisites Nil
Incompatible BUSN104 Money Matters
Teaching Organisation 4 hours per week for twelve weeks or equivalent

This unit is the gateway for learning the complex discipline of accounting. It is a discipline that is becoming more and more in demand with the growth and evolution of the world economy. This unit provides an introduction to basic concepts of accounting and the application of these concepts in decision-making by a wide range of potential stakeholders. You will learn how to reflect and integrate the ethical, theoretical and technical knowledge of accounting to promote the common good for individuals, society and the environment. You will be able to identify the fundamental elements of accounting and learn how business transactions are treated in order to prepare financial statements. Building on this, you will develop the skills to evaluate organisational performance through analysis of financial statement information and communicate your interpretation to stakeholders. As you develop your accounting skills you will learn how to evaluate and manage internal control aspects of an organisation’s accounting elements. Ultimately, the aim of this unit is to ground you in the primary aspects of accounting to prepare you for further education in the discipline.