HLSC301 - Community Engagement

10 cp
Prerequisites Completion of all 200 level core units
Teaching Organisation 150 hours of focused learning.

This unit provides an opportunity for students to engage with the community in order to enhance the dignity and wellbeing of people and communities, especially those who are the most marginalised and disadvantaged. Students will undertake work in a selected public sector or non-profit community agency/organisation, to explore the role and complexities of the organisation in supporting disadvantaged individuals and families experiencing socially-determined health issues within the community. This involvement will provide a vehicle for the student to develop and reflect upon the values of partnership, equality, mutual respect and commitment as well as the degree of transformation that community engagement engenders in the student.

The unit will include a module on working with children, young people and vulnerable adults that will focus on responding to concerns and strategies to keep ourselves and others safe and support children, young people and vulnerable adults.