CHEM201 - Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry

10 cp
Prerequisites: CHEM105 Foundation Chemistry
Incompatible: CHEM104 Biochemistry, CHEM204 Biochemistry
Teaching Organisation: Nil

A thorough knowledge and understanding of the specific role and importance of biological molecules, together with technical and communication skills is essential for the modern Biomedical scientist.  This unit will build on the foundations laid down in introductory biology and chemistry by focusing on the study of key biomolecules functioning in the modulation of cellular signaling and metabolism at the molecular-level.  Students will investigate the biochemistry (a combination of biology and organic chemistry) underpinning important life processes relevant to the human biosciences. Key topics will include structure and function of organic biomolecules, enzyme production and control, and an introduction to metabolic processes. Students will develop their technical and communication skills through the use of instrumentation in practical settings and through the analysis of scientific findings and preparation of written reports.  The aim of this unit is to provide students with a firm basis in the structure, function and integration of biological molecules and processes, together with basic technical and communication skills needed as a biomedical scientist.