CHEM106 - Physical and Organic Chemistry

10 cp
Prerequisites: CHEM105 Foundations of Chemistry
Teaching Organisation: Nil

Chemical reactions underpin almost every type of natural and manmade processes in our modern world. Building on content in CHEM105, this unit introduces specific physical chemistry and organic chemistry concepts that underlie the scientific principles that govern chemical, biochemical, environmental and industrial processes. Physical chemistry topics of the unit include electrochemistry, energy utilisation, spontaneity and kinetics of reactions. Under organic chemistry, the major classes of organic compounds, stereoisomerism, and the mechanisms of some organic reaction processes are examined. These concepts are explored with a strong emphasis on real life processes.

This unit will also allow students to develop useful laboratory skills in chemistry and report writing and data analysis skills. The aim of this unit is to extend students' understanding of physical and organic chemistry in preparation for further study in biochemistry.