BMSC303 - Drug Development

10 cp
Prerequisites BIOL205 Pharmacology 1
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Biomedical science students require sound knowledge of therapeutic agents to enable them to work in the pharmaceutical industry, medical technology field, health information areas or as a springboard for graduate programs.

In this elective unit, students will explore the drug development cycle, molecule discovery to release to the market. Students will gain a broad understanding of the processes and decision making steps in the development of new drugs, investigating regulatory and legal requirements and constraints. The unit will introduce the principles of clinical trailing, from development of the protocol, conduct of the trial and reporting of results. The unit will take a Quality Use of Medicines approach, examining the roles and responsibilities of key players in each phase of development, making reference to the National Medicines Policy. The aim of this unit is to provide studetns with an understanding of the drug development cycle within the context of the National Medicines Policy.