BMSC207 - Microbiology and Immunology

10 cp
Prerequisites BIOL123 Cells and Tissues - the Fabric of Life or BIOL121 Human Biological Science or BIOL125 Human Biology 1 or BIOL127 Foundations of Biology
Incompatible Nil
Teaching Organisation

This unit is designed to introduce students to microorganisms of relevance to medicine and with an emphasis on their structure and function and role in relation to health and disease. Students will investigate the diversity of pathogenic microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, protozoans, helminths and fungi), their cellular biology, growth and nutrition, metabolism, and basic genetics.

The immune response to some of these pathogenic microorganisms that cause systemic, respiratory, gastrointestinal, sexually transmissible and hospital acquired infections will be explored. This will include an overview of the innate, humoral and cellular immune systems and their functions in response to infection. The unit will also include an overview of the development and design of appropriate interventions including antibiotics, vaccines and other antimicrobial therapies. Basic epidemiology important for an understanding of prevention and control of infection in hospital and laboratory will also be covered.