BMSC204 - Advanced Pharmacology

10 cp
Prerequisites: BIOL204 Human Body in Health and Disease 2, BIOL205 Pharmacology 1
Incompatible: Nil
Teaching Organisation: Nil

This is an elective unit specifically for the pharmaceutical pathway in the Bachelor of Biomedical Science degree. This unit will further enhance students’ understanding of human body function in both health and disease.
This unit will build critical concepts in drug therapy inboth health and disease and throughout the lifespan. A major focus on this unit will be describing the pharmacology of drugs affecting the respiratory, gastrointestinal and endocrine systems within the context of relevant physiological and pathological states explored in BIOL204. The mechanisms of action and uses of anti-microbial agents will be addressed in addition to the global threat of antibiotic resistance. Students will be introduced to the National Medicines Policy and the National Strategy for the Quality Use of Medicines (QUM), and examine a number of initiatives that promote QUM in the management of health and disease.

Students will apply pharmacological principles to understand why various drugs are used for the prevention and treatment of various disease states.