BIOL206 - Human Genetics

10 cp
Prerequisites BIOL123 Cells and Tissues – the Fabric of Life, or BIOL121 Human Biological Science 1 or BIOL125 Human Biology 1 or BIOL127 Foundations of Biology
Incompatible Nil
Teaching Organisation

Human genetics is at the forefront of biological and medical breakthroughs, affecting our daily lives and choices. This unit offers a study of the terminology and principles of genetics, including the nature and cause of genetic variation in humans and the examination of patterns of inheritance of genetic traits. The students gain 'hands-on' experience in the modern techniques of DNA analysis, which are then applied to diagnosis and treatment of selected genetic disorders. Genetic counselling is introduced and the principles and ethical issues associated with gene therapy and prenatal diagnosis are analysed. This unit also offers opportunity to demonstrate effective communication of biomedical science knowledge, formulating scientifically reasoned arguments using oral, written and digital modes. This is a science unit contributing to the realization of the university's mission to developing ethical graduates capable of defending an ethical standpoint applying the principles of genetics and human dignity.