ACU offers Commonwealth supported and fee-paying places.

Visit the International Education Office for information about international tuition fees.

2016 Commonwealth supported places

Students enrolled in a Commonwealth supported place are required to pay a student contribution towards the cost of their course.
The table below outlines the student contribution rates for 2016.

Please note these rates are indicative only, and may be subject to change if the Commonwealth Government's proposed fee deregulation and reforms legislation is passed.

Discipline Cluster1 Student Contribution per year2
Law, Accounting, Commerce, Administration, Economics $10,440
Computing, Built Environment, Applied, Allied & Other Health, Agriculture, Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics, Natural & Physical Science $8,917
Humanities, Arts, Behavioural Sciences, Social Sciences, Clinical Psychology, Foreign Languages, Visual & Performing Arts $6,256
Education, Nursing (for students who commenced 2010-2016) $6,256
Education, Nursing (for students who commenced pre-2010) $5,006

Visit Study Assist for further information on Commonwealth supported places and HECS-HELP.

1 This table combines units in funding clusters with the same value.
2 A standard year is calculated on 8 units or a total of 80 cp. Not all units come from the same discipline cluster for every degree.

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2016 Domestic Tuition Fees

ACU tuition fees (per 10 credit point unit) for fee-paying students in 2016:

Discipline Tuition Fee
Bachelor degree and postgraduate units not specifically listed below. $ 1,840
Postgraduate units in
Theology, Master of Education, Education Law
$ 1,890
Undergraduate and postgraduate units in
Counselling, Visual Arts, Psychology
$ 2,150
Undergraduate units in
Nursing, Midwifery, Music, Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy
Undergraduate and Postgraduate units in Science, Paramedicine, Rehabilitation
$ 2,385
Master of Business Administration (Executive)
Master of Business Administration (Health)*
Graduate Certificate in Management of Not-for-Profit Organisations
$ 3,175
Postgraduate units in
Graduate Certificate in Philosophy (Healthcare Ethics)
$ 3,000
Postgraduate units in
Nursing, Midwifery, Exercise Science, Health
$ 2,050
ACUcom Non-award Higher Education $ 850
Master of Psychology $ 2,500
Postgraduate units in
Educational Leadership
$ 1,995
Postgraduate units in
Educational System Leadership, Negotiation
Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Catholic Culture
Graduate Certificate in Psychology of Risk
Doctor of Education (per 10 cp)
$ 2,790
Undergraduate and Postgraduate units in
Business, Commerce, Information Systems, Information Technology, Management, Marketing, Occupational Health
$ 2,895
Graduate Diploma in Social Psychology of Risk $ 2,955
Non-award units The same rate applies to units in the relevant discipline and level
Auditing of units $8003

Students may apply for FEE-HELP in accordance with Commonwealth government eligibility criteria.

Visit Fees and Scholarships for payment due dates in 2016.

3 Managed and charged by Schools.
* Health units charged at F7 level.

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2016 Student Services and Amenities Fees (SSAF)

In 2016, the following students will be liable for the SSAF:

  • Commonwealth supported students;
  • Fee-paying students enrolled in an award course;
  • International students (SSAF incorporated into tuition fees).

SSAF charges and due dates

Student Load Fees
Full-time students $145 per half year ($290 annually)
Part-time students $108 per half year ($216 annually)
Students enrolled in Master of Business Administration (Executive) and all Executive Education courses $45 flat rate per study period

The SSAF is calculated on each half-year enrolment.

  • Enrolments with census date between 1 January and 30 June will display on Semester 1 invoice.
  • Enrolments with census date between 1 July and 31 December will display on Semester 2 invoice.

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