Rules for the Award of University Medals

1. Award in Recognition of Academic Excellence

Each year, the Academic Board may award University Medals in recognition of the achievement of outstanding academic merit.

2. Eligibility

2.1 To be eligible for the award of a University Medal a student must have qualified for a Bachelors degree with first class honours and have shown outstanding academic merit throughout their work for the degree.
2.2 An award may be made to a candidate on qualifying for a second Bachelors degree, provided that the candidate qualifies for such degree with first class honours and is otherwise eligible for the award.
2.3 Factors to be taken into account in determining outstanding academic merit include results achieved throughout the course, standard of the honours thesis, the length of time taken to complete the course, and other factors deemed relevant by the Faculty Board.
2.4 A student is rendered ineligible for the award of a University Medal if the student has been guilty of a breach of the Statute 10 Student Conduct and Discipline or of the Academic Honesty Policy.

3. Recommendations by Faculty Board

Recommendations for the award shall be made by the respective Faculty Boards. At any time a Faculty Board may recommend more than one student from a School within the Faculty for an award.

4. Role of Academic Board

The Academic Board shall consider each recommendation made to it by a Faculty Board and, if approved, shall advise Senate of the names of the recipients of the award. It shall be the duty of the Academic Board to maintain, as far as possible, a uniformity of practice in relation to recommendations.

Page last updated: 28 Jun 2017

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