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Schedule - Higher Degrees

1. The following Higher Degrees may be awarded by the University

Doctor of Education (EdD)
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
Doctor of Psychology (DPsych)
Master of Education (Research) [MEd(Res)]
Master of Exercise Science (Research) [MExSc(Res)]
Master of Midwifery (Research) [MMidw(Res)]
Master of Nursing (Research) [MN(Res)]
Master of Philosophy (MPhil)
Master of Theology (Research) [MTH(Res)]

2. Conditions for the Award of Research and Professional Doctorate Degrees

The conditions for the award of the following degrees shall be determined by the Academic Board on the advice of the URC and the Boards of the Faculties indicated:

URC in consultation with all Faculties of the University

Doctor of Philosophy
Master of Philosophy


Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Doctor of Psychology

Faculty of Education

Doctor of Education
Master of Education (Research)

Faculty of Health Sciences

Master of Exercise Science (Research)
Master of Midwifery (Research)
Master of Nursing (Research)

Faculty of Theology and Philosophy

Master of Theology (Research)

3. Duration of Candidature

The requirements for the award of a research degree shall be met within the period indicated:

Research Degree Full-Time Part-Time
PhD Four years Eight years
DPsych Three years Six years
EdD Four years Eight years
MEd(Res) Two years Four years
MExSc(Res) Two years Four years
MMidw(Res) Two years Four years
MN(Res) Two years Four years
MPhil Two years Four years
MTh (Res) One year Two years