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7. Enrolment and Re-Enrolment

7.1 Requirements for Enrolment

A person who has been offered a place in a course must complete the required enrolment procedures by the due date. Enrolment is not complete until all relevant University and government fees and charges have been paid or approved payment arrangements have been made.

7.2 Late Enrolment

A person who fails to complete procedures for enrolment or variation of enrolment by the due date will be required to pay a late fee in order to be an enrolled student. Enrolment in a course or unit will not be accepted after the date prescribed by the University.

7.3 Course Re-enrolment

Students will b re-enrolled online at the end of each year through Student Connect and asked to indicate whether they wish to opt out of re-enrolment. If a student fails to take relevant action regarding their re-enrolment, or opting out as requested, the Graduate Research Office may ask the student to provide a justification for consideration by the RTSC prior to the re-enrolment of a student .

7.4 Lapse of Enrolment

7.4.1 If a candidate fails to resume candidature after a period of Leave of Absence by the required date and no satisfactory reason for the failure is received by the RTSC within twenty days of the required date, the candidature may be lapsed.

7.4.2 If a person whose candidature has lapsed desires to resume candidature, application must be made for re-admission to candidature under the terms and conditions prevailing at the time of re-application.

7.4.3 The RTSC, after establishing that the candidate's program, including preparation of the thesis, can be completed satisfactorily within the time remaining to the candidate, may re-admit a candidate whose former candidature had lapsed. In such circumstances, the commencement of candidature shall be the date of the original enrolment and the candidature shall be continued under the Regulations in force at the time of re-admission.

7.5 Withdrawal from Enrolment

7.5.1 A candidate may apply to withdraw from candidature at any time. Such withdrawal shall be made in writing to the Associate Dean (Research) and/or Head of School via the relevant Graduate Research Officer and shall take effect from the date the candidate's advice is received by the Graduate Research Officer.

7.5.2 The Principal Supervisor shall be requested to provide an Academic Progress Report at the time of withdrawal from candidature for the following category of candidates:

  1. PhD candidates; and
  2. EdD Part 3 candidates.

7.5.3 If an application to withdraw from candidature is received after the designated Commonwealth Census Dates (usually 31 March and 31 August), University fees (where applicable) shall apply.

7.6 Revival of Candidature after Withdrawal

7.6.1 The Associate Dean (Research) and/or RTSC, after establishing that the requirements of the Regulations are still satisfied and that the research and the thesis can be satisfactorily completed within the time remaining to the candidate, may, in special circumstances and in consultation with the Head of School, reinstate the candidature of a former candidate who withdrew for financial, health or other valid reasons, provided his or her academic progress was satisfactory at the time of withdrawal.

7.6.2 In such circumstances, the commencement of candidature will be the date of the original enrolment, and the total period remaining in the candidature shall be calculated minus the period of original enrolment. The candidature shall continue under the Regulations in force at the time of reinstatement. Re-commencement of candidature will not be allowed after three years from the previous enrolment.

7.7 Concurrent Enrolment

A candidate for a Doctoral degree may not enrol or remain enrolled in any other unit or course of study at this University or any other institution without the approval of the Associate Dean (Research) and/or RTSC on the recommendation of the Head of School and the Principal Supervisor noting that any suggested enrolments should also comply with relevant government regulations such as the Research Training Scheme (RTS).

An exception to this clause shall be granted in the following instance; where an ACU staff member enrolled in a PhD is required to undertake the GCHE as part of their probation criteria, they may be granted 6 months leave to undertake the GCHE. This period is in addition to the 12 months leave allowed within the candidature.