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3. Administration of Higher Degree Programs

3.1 The URC shall be responsible for the administration of higher degrees, subject to the general supervision of the Academic Board. The Chair of the URC may act executively out-of-session on behalf of the Committee, subject to the endorsement of the Committee at its next meeting.

3.2 The URC shall report regularly to the Academic Board and make recommendations on the award of research degrees directly to the Board.

3.3 The relevant Faculty Research Committee or equivalent, under the general supervision of the Faculty Board, shall administer the coursework component of professional doctorates, identified in the Schedule.

3.4 The Research Training Standing Committee (RTSC) is a sub-committee of the URC and reports to the URC.

3.5 Designated Graduate Research Officers are authorised to action matters approved executively by the Chair of the RTSC and/or the URC.