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Guidelines for the Award of University Medals

1. General

1.1 University Medals may be awarded in recognition of the achievement of outstanding academic merit by the best performing first class honours graduates of the relevant year.

1.2 The Academic Board will each year determine a minimum Medals Score and may limit the number of University Medals awarded in any one year.

2. Criteria for Determination of Outstanding Academic Merit

2.1 Eligibility for the award of a University Medal is based on consideration of the academic achievement of students throughout their course of study leading to the award of the pass degree and the degree with first class honours. The major criterion to be taken into account in the assessment of outstanding academic merit is the Medals Score, calculated in accordance with clause 4 below.

2.2 A Faculty may put forward other factors which demonstrate outstanding academic merit, in support of a nomination.

2.3 A student who has failed1 any unit will not be eligible for the award of a University Medal.

3. Procedures

3.1 Executive Deans will be advised of the minimum Medals Score determined by the Academic Board by the commencement of second semester of the relevant year.

3.2 The Faculty Boards, at the end of January each year, will advise the University Medals Committee of Academic Board of the names of those students of outstanding academic merit recommended for a University Medal and the rationale for their selection. The Committee will make recommendations for the award of University Medals to the February meeting of Academic Board.

4. Medals Score

4.1 The Medals Score is the average of grades of result obtained by the student weighted by the credit point value of each graded unit, for units from the pass and honours course, selected as follows:

  1. all graded units within the final 80 credit points of the pass degree and 80 cp from the honours year;2 and
  2. the student's highest graded units having a total credit point value of 80 cp selected from the first 160 cp undertaken towards the pass degree3, 4.
    Numerical equivalents of grades for this purpose are as listed below:

    High Distinction 7
    Distinction 6
    Credit 5
    Pass 4
    Pass Supplementary 3
    Pass Conceded 3
    Fail 1
    Withdrawn Fail 1
    Fail Supplementary 1

4.2 In the case of a course within a dual degree, results in units counted towards the relevant honours degree only will be taken into consideration.

4.3 Where a student has undertaken extra units beyond the requirements of the honours degree, results in any units not so required will be excluded from the calculation of the Medals Score.

4.4 A student who has been granted credit for studies at another institution will be eligible for the award of a University Medal provided that the student has completed both the final 80 cp of the pass degree and the honours program at this University.

4.5 Where the student has been granted credit towards the degree for studies while enrolled in another course at this University or at another institution or undertaken exchange, study abroad or cross-institutional study5, results gained in those studies will be included in the calculation6 of the Medals Score only if specified credit for individual units was granted under the relevant degree rules.

4.6 Results of PS (ungraded pass) will be excluded from the calculation of the Medals Score.

5. Presentation of University Medals

University Medals will be presented to students at the relevant graduation ceremony each year.

1 Whether a Fail (NN), Withdrawn - Fail (WN) or Fail Supplementary (NX) grade is awarded
2 In the case of on-course honours [eg Bachelor of Social Work (Hons)], all graded units in the final two years of the course are included in the calculation.
3 In identification of the highest graded 80 cp or the first 160 cp, the interpretation most favourable to the student will be adopted. For example, there may be situations in which “the first 160 cp” may not be interpreted easily, as units taken in the semester in which the cumulative total of 160 cp is achieved may bring the total to more than 160 cp; in such a case, the interpretation most favourable to the student will be adopted in choosing the units making up the first 160 cp.
4 Where a student has completed fewer than 80 cp under this paragraph, results in all units undertaken will be counted.
5 A student who has undertaken exchange, study abroad or cross-institutional studies in the final 80 cp of the pass degree will not be excluded from consideration for the award of a University Medal.
6 If it is not possible to determine equivalence (e.g. on the basis of studies undertaken overseas), the Committee will use its discretion as to the consideration accorded to such units.