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5. Unit Outline

5. Unit Outline

5.1 Details of assessment tasks in the Unit Outline must include –

  1. the type and requirements for each assessment task;
  2. details of how the assessment task relates to the learning outcomes and graduate attributes/generic skills developed through the unit;
  3. the weighting of the assessment tasks;
  4. the assessment criteria and their relative weighting (if appropriate);
  5. the submission dates and methods of submission and collection;
  6. what parts of the assessment are individual or group;
  7. expectations regarding word lengths or other requirements of length;
  8. in the case of group assessments, the responsibilities of each individual group member in completing each such assessment task and the degree of collaboration required;
  9. for units in which any assessment task and its presentation are negotiable between lecturers and students, the basis of such negotiation and the extent to which it is permissible.

5.2 The Unit Outline must also include –

  1. any attendance requirements and/or compulsory classes and the consequence of not meeting specified minimum attendance requirements and/or attending compulsory classes, together with advice on the action students should take if they are unable to attend a compulsory class due to illness or other personal circumstances beyond their control;
  2. any other special requirements of the unit;
  3. an indication that it is routine practice for samples of students’ work to be used for moderation. Work will be de-identified to maintain student confidentiality.