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9. Supplementary Assessment

9.1 Supplementary assessment may be approved in accordance with this Policy and the Assessment Procedures.

9.2 Supplementary assessment is provided to support transition into the workplace at the conclusion of any coursework program and applies to the final 80 cp of the course.  Supplementary assessment is not a re-assessment of the student's overall grade or the mark for an individual assessment item or a deferred assessment.  It consists of a new item of assessment1 designed to give students the opportunity to demonstrate their achievement of the learning outcomes specified for the unit and to complete the requirements of their course.

9.3 A student who has gained 40-49% in a unit may be awarded an Interim Fail (NF) grade and will be eligible for a supplementary assessment, provided that –

  1. the course rules do not preclude supplementary assessment;
  2. the unit is not a professional experience or community engagement unit;
  3. the student has satisfied all other requirements2 for the unit;
  4. the unit is in the final 80 cp required for completion of an undergraduate course or postgraduate coursework program;
  5. the student has not failed any other unit in their final 80 cp; and
  6. the student has not previously been granted an NF grade.

9.4 Students who undertake supplementary assessment are subject to the same considerations under the Academic Regulations and policies (including Academic Honesty, Special Consideration, and Appeal processes) as for standard assessment.

9.5 Where students undertake approved cross-institutional study within the final 80 cp of a course, results gained in such study will be considered in determining eligibility for a supplementary assessment.

9.6 The highest grade which can be awarded to students who successfully complete supplementary assessment requirements is a Pass (PA) grade.

9.7 Students who are unsuccessful in meeting supplementary assessment requirements will be awarded a Fail (NN) grade.

1 This may include an examination covering the entire subject matter contained in the unit.
2 These may include attendance requirements, submission of all required assessment tasks, practical work and/or any other requirements specified in the Unit Outline.