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7. Attendance Requirements

7.1 Marks are not awarded for attendance.

7.2 Attendance at lectures and other structured learning activities is recommended but not compulsory.

7.3 Compulsory or minimum levels of attendance may be prescribed for any professional experience or community experience program or any practical, laboratory or skill-based classes in which attendance is integral to achievement of the learning outcomes of the unit.

7.4 In any case where compulsory or minimum levels of attendance are prescribed in accordance with Section 7.3, the attendance requirements must be clearly stated in the Unit Outline, together with the reasons why attendance is required, the consequences of not meeting those requirements and the procedures to be followed should a student fail to attend any required class(es) due to illness and/or personal circumstances beyond their control.  A student cannot be failed for non-attendance unless the Unit Outline clearly stipulates that failure is the consequence of not meeting prescribed compulsory or minimum levels of attendance.

7.5 The Lecturer in Charge must keep attendance records for all classes in units where a compulsory or minimum attendance level is prescribed.