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6. Feedback to students

6.1 Provision of feedback to students on their performance in all assessment tasks is integral to the learning process and assessment tasks should be designed to facilitate the provision of feedback to students at various stages in the unit to allow students to monitor their progress and determine where improvements can be made to enhance their learning.

6.2 Timely feedback is within three weeks of submission or at least five calendar days before the next related1 assessment task is due.  In the case of weekly exercises or tasks, a shorter timeframe will apply.  Before students begin their final examinations, they must receive timely and constructive feedback related to achievement of learning outcomes on all assessment tasks completed during the study period, with the exception of items submitted within the last two weeks of the study period.

6.3 Students have access to their own individual marks, grades and/or feedback and not to those of other students.

6.4 Submission of work in progress in order to gain feedback to improve that work is acceptable and appropriate when that process is clearly provided for in the description of an assessment task in a Unit Outline and is equally available to all students in that unit.  After an assessment task is finally submitted, there will be no provision for students to improve their standing in the unit by attempting to improve the quality of the work and then resubmitting it.

1 Relates to assessment tasks that require or relate to the skills addressed in the previous assessment task.