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5. Communicating assessment requirements and schedule to students

5.1 The Unit Outline, which must be available on the University’s learning management system (LEO) prior to the commencement of the study period1, will include details of assessment tasks and any other special requirements of the unit as prescribed in the University-approved template.

5.2 An assessment schedule, criteria or other requirements may not normally be changed after distribution to students, except under exceptional circumstances as approved in writing by the Head of School.  Any such variation should maintain the relationship between the assessment methods and the learning outcomes expected for the unit and students should not be disadvantaged by the change or the timing of the change.  A written revised schedule should then be made available to students via LEO, and should also be provided in class or by email.

5.3 If electronic plagiarism detection software is to be used or may be used, students should be advised of the circumstances of its use2.

1 In the case of units offered in intensive mode, prior to the first lecture week.

2 For example, if students are required to use it prior to submission; if applied to all work, to suspect work or to a selection of work