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2. Definitions

The following words and expressions have the following meanings in this Policy and related policies and procedures1.

Assessment: The process whereby student learning outcomes are measured and developed, feedback is given to students on their progress and final result grades are awarded.

Assessment schedule: The series of assessment tasks comprising the total assessment for a unit.

Assessment tasks: The single components of an assessment schedule, consisting of various assessment types to address students’ differing learning styles.  An assessment task may consist of a single task (eg examination, assignment) or a set of tasks (eg laboratory reports, weekly exercises).

Criterion-referenced assessment: Assessment based on pre-determined and clearly articulated criteria, associated standards and weightings.

Due date: The date and time by which an assessment task must be submitted to avoid incurring a penalty for late submission.

Hurdle task: A task or activity that is marked on a pass/fail basis and is required to pass the unit but does not contribute to the final grade. Hurdle tasks normally require mastery of professional skills or attainment of required attributes.

Moderation (of assessment): A quality review and assurance process which supports assessment design and marking activities.  It involves confirmation that the assessment tasks and marking are valid, equitable and reliable.

1 See Appendix A.