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11. Quality Assurance

Faculties are responsible for establishing a quality assurance regime for the review of courses, units and assessment as specified in this Section.  This will include both internal and external moderation and benchmarking of assessment.

11.1 Course-level quality assurance of assessment

11.1.1 Mapping assessment tasks in relation to increasing complexity, variety and graduate attributes/generic skills development across a course provides a basis for effective planning and pre-moderation of assessment.

11.1.2 Assessment across a course must be designed to offer students opportunities to develop their English language and academic literacy skills in a wide variety of assessment tasks.

11.1.3 Assessment outcomes in units across the course are systematically monitored and enhancements to assessment practices are implemented for the next offering(s) of relevant unit(s).

11.2 Moderation and review

11.2.1 Moderation of assessment provides a quality review and assurance process which supports assessment design and marking activities.   It involves confirmation that the assessment tasks and marking are valid, equitable and reliable.  Moderation is essential to assure the consistent use and rigour of academic and assessment standards.

11.2.2 Assessment tasks will be subject to routine pre-assessment review to ensure that they reflect appropriate assessment design, including their fit with unit learning outcomes, focus on higher-order learning, use of appropriate assessment criteria and appropriateness in relation to progressive learning and assessment during the course.

11.2.3 Units offered across campuses must be developed collaboratively to ensure that they have equivalent assessment tasks.  Variation is possible but equivalence should be demonstrable and no students should be advantaged or disadvantaged relative to students undertaking the unit at another campus or location or in another mode.

11.2.4 Where there is more than one marker in an assessment team, moderation and cross-marking will be undertaken to ensure the consistent application of assessment criteria when marking.

11.2.5 Students should be informed that it is routine practice for samples of students’ work to be used for moderation.  Work will be de-identified to maintain student confidentiality.

11.2.6 Moderation of units and courses, including moderation across campuses, will be undertaken in accordance with an approved review cycle.