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13. Transfers

13.1 Transfer Categories

An ACU student may apply to transfer:

  1. from one program to another program at the same level, offered at the same or another campus;
  2. from a Certificate or higher level program to a bachelor degree level course, offered at the same or another campus;
  3. within a program, from one campus to another campus;
  4. within a postgraduate program, from a Commonwealth-supported place to a fee-paying place.

13.2 Timing of Application for Transfer

Transfers are available only from the commencement of a standard study period and must be lodged with Student Administration by the prescribed date and approved in accordance with approved authority and/or delegations. Transfer applications for courses where admission is processed through the Tertiary Admission Centres will be considered after results for current study period are released and prior to the main Tertiary Admission Centre offer rounds.

13.3 Eligibility Criteria

Transfers are only available where a student is continuing his/her enrolment. Where a student has completed one award and seeks entry to another, he/she must adhere to the normal application processes for the second course.

Applications for internal transfers are determined on the basis of academic merit.
To be eligible for consideration for a transfer, a student must have -

  1. successfully completed at least one unit within the program in which he or she is enrolled;
  2. satisfied the prerequisite and/or any other entry requirements for the program to which he or she is transferring; and
  3. achieved a rank, calculated in accordance with Appendix 1 of the Admissions Policy, at least equivalent to the published cut-off score required for entry to the program to which he or she is transferring, in the previous year's main offer round at the given campus.

13.4 Students Gaining Permanent Resident Status

An international student who gains Permanent Resident status, and submits the required form and documentary evidence, will be transferred to –

  1. a Commonwealth-supported place in the case of an undergraduate student; or
  2. a domestic fee-paying place in the case of a postgraduate student.

If the application is submitted before the census date in a study period, the transfer will be effective from the beginning of that study period.  If the application is submitted after the census date for the study period, the student will remain liable for fees at the international student fee rate for the remainder of the study period and the transfer will not take place until the following study period. Where a postgraduate course also offers Commonwealth supported places, a student can apply to transfer to such a place by completing the normal transfer application process.

13.5 Transfer to Fee-paying Place

In some circumstances, postgraduate students may apply to transfer from a Commonwealth-supported place to a domestic fee-paying place. Such applications will be considered in accordance with standard procedures.