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10. Conferral of Awards

10.1 Eligibility for Award

To be eligible to be admitted to any award of the University, a student must:

  1. comply with all University statutes, policies, procedures, regulations and rules;
  2. pay all relevant fees and charges;
  3. complete all requirements prescribed for the program;
  4. gain a grade of Pass Conceded or higher (or, for units for which ungraded results are awarded, a grade of Pass) in accordance with Regulation 7.3 in all assessable components of the program.

Failure to complete all such requirements successfully will result in ineligibility for admission to the relevant award.

Where the course rules provide for an exit point, a student who has satisfied relevant course requirements may apply to take out the lower level award.

10.2. Revocation or Rescission of an Award

In instances where it has been confirmed that an award was wrongly conferred, either through administrative error or based on provision of fraudulent or misleading information, the University may rescind or revoke the award in accordance with procedures prescribed by the University.

10.3 Conferral of Award

Awards will be conferred in accordance with procedures prescribed by the University.