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Associate Degree in Indigenous Education

Note: This course is available only to Australian Indigenous students.


160 cp

Minimum duration: 2 years full-time or equivalent part-time. This course is normally taken over 2.5 years full-time.

Course available at:
Brisbane, Queensland (Not offered in 2013)
Sydney (Strathfield), NSW EFTSL value of units: All 10 cp units in this course have an EFTSL value of 0.125. Units with a cp value of a multiple of 10 have corresponding EFTSL values.

1. Admission Requirements

An applicant must also comply with the Admission Rules.

To be eligible for admission to the course, an Indigenous Australian applicant must have completed the following prerequisites: interview; a minimum of three years’ work experience; or completion of year 12 or equivalent; and demonstrated relevant tertiary study skills or successful completion of a Tertiary Communication Skills program.

2. Requirements for Completion of the Associate Degree1

To qualify for the Associate Degree, a student must complete:

1. 160 cp from the Schedule of Unit Offerings, consisting of:

  1. 80 cp from Curriculum Foundation Units consisting of:
    1. 20 cp from English;
    2. 20 cp from Indigenous Studies;
    3. 10 cp from Mathematics;
    4. 20 cp from Science;
    5. 10 cp from Theology;
  2. 30 cp from Education Studies;
  3. 50 cp from Curriculum and Pedagogy;


2. 2 Professional Experience Units.

Schedule of Unit Offerings

Click here for Unit Descriptions

Prerequisite (Pre), co-requisite (Co) and incompatible (Inc) units are indicated in parentheses where applicable.

Curriculum Foundation


Unit Code Credit Points Unit Name
ADLA107 10 Linguistics for Literacy
ADLA108 10 Children's Literature for Literacy

Indigenous Studies

Unit Code Credit Points Unit Name
ADAB113 10 Australian Indigenous Peoples, Cultures and Identity
ADAB204 10 Australian History in an Indigenous Context


Unit Code Credit Points Unit Name
ADMA103 10 Exploring Mathematics 1


Unit Code Credit Points Unit Name
ADST107 10 Science and Technology for Early Childhood and Primary Teachers 1
ADST204 10 Science and Technology for Early Childhood and Primary Teachers 2


Unit Code Credit Points Unit Name
ADRE306 10 Indigenous Spirituality 1
AHBS100 10 Introduction to the Bible

Education Studies

Unit Code Credit Points Unit Name
ADFD127 10 Contexts for Learning and Development
ADFD133 10 Understanding Learning (Co: ADFX110)
ADFD218 10 Teaching and Learning Preparing for the Contexts of the Field

Curriculum and Pedagogy

Unit Code Credit Points Unit Name
ADAR308 10 Creative Arts Education 1
ADLA204 10 Literacy Education 1
ADMA202 10 Mathematics: Learning and Teaching 1
ADPH306 10 Personal Development, Health and Physical Education 1
ADSS428 10 Connecting Society and Environment: Curriculum and Learning

Professional Experience

Unit Code Credit Points Unit Name
ADFX110 0 Professional Experience Primary 1 (Pre: ADFD127, Co: ADFD133)
ADFX212 0

Professional Experience Primary 2 (Pre: ADFX110, ADFD133, Co: ADFD218)

1Requirements for working with children: All students enrolled must have the appropriate approvals before they may enter a classroom. These are: Blue Card (Qld), Working with Vulnerable People (ACT) or Working with Children Check (NSW and Vic).