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Graduate Certificate in Business Information Systems


40 cp

Minimum duration: 6 months full-time or equivalent part-time

Course available at: Sydney (North Sydney), NSW

EFTSL value of units: All 10 cp units in this course have an EFTSL value of 0.125. Units with a cp value of a multiple of 10 have corresponding EFTSL values.

1. Admission Requirements

An applicant must also comply with the Admission Rules.

To be eligible for admission to the course, an applicant must have completed the following prerequisites:

  1. Bachelor degree in any discipline; or
  2. at least two years' professional experience in management/ leadership positions.

2. Completion Requirements

To qualify for the Graduate Certificate, a student must complete 40 cp from the Schedule of Unit Offerings for the Master of Business Information Systems degree. At least 30 cp must be from ISYS units.

3. Exit Points

A student who has completed the requirements prescribed for the Graduate Certificate in Business Information Systems or Graduate Diploma in Business Information Systems may exit from the course with the relevant award.

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