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Certificate in Religious Education


40 cp

Minimum duration: 1 year part-time.

Course available: through special arrangements with other institutions

EFTSL value of units: All 10 cp units in this course have an EFTSL value of 0.125. Units with a cp value of a multiple of 10 have corresponding EFTSL values.

1. Admission Requirements1

An applicant must be enrolled in a degree program at either James Cook University or the University of Southern Queensland.

2. Requirements for Completion of the Certificate

To qualify for the Certificate, a student must complete 40 cp from the Schedule of Unit Offerings.

Schedule of Unit Offerings

Click here for Unit Descriptions

Unit Code Credit Points Unit Name
EDRE101 10 Religious Education 1
EDRE102 10 Religious Education 2
EDRE105 10 Religious Education 3
EDRE106 10 Religious Education 4
THBS100 10 Introduction to the Bible
THCT202 10 Christian Symbol, Ritual and Sacrament

1A student must also comply with the Admission Rules.