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Faculty Introduction

In 2009, Australian Catholic University established its new Faculty of Business encompassing its existing operations in Business, developed over more than twenty years. The new Faculty is located across three campuses of the Australian Catholic University in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney and includes on-campus, off-campus, online and offshore activities.

The Faculty offers undergraduate, postgraduate and research degrees in several areas of business. Undergraduate students can choose accounting, finance, business administration, commerce, commercial law, human resource management, marketing, management, international business, occupational health, safety and environment, business information systems, or information technology. Postgraduate students can pursue a Master of Business Administration, Master of Professional Accounting, Master of Human Resource Management, Master of Marketing, Master of Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Management, Master of Information Systems or Master of Information Technology, as well as Graduate Certificates and Graduate Diplomas in various areas of Business. Both Honours and Doctoral programs are offered to research students.

As a community of scholars committed to the goals of expanding human knowledge and deepening human understanding, the Faculty of Business is constantly expanding its endeavours in research and research training, strategic partnerships with the business, government and not-for-profit sectors, and wider community engagement. We have Business programs accredited by relevant professional bodies including CPA, ICAA, ACS, AHRI and AIM. In conjunction with these groups, the Faculty of Business helps to shape the best standards for business. This adds value to Business degrees and indicates the high quality of our students’ education to employers.

The Faculty of Business believes that, in a rapidly changing world, the ability to deal with complex and often unstructured problems is an essential skill which students should learn. The Faculty of Business offers high standards of business education and stresses a practical, problem solving approach to learning. As members of the Australian Catholic University community, students have the opportunity to develop personal values as well as professional skills, positively developing the self and society.

The Faculty is staffed by a dedicated team of academics whose teaching is supported by their active involvement in relevant industries, professional associations and informed by their current research. Students are valued as individuals and teaching staff are directly involved with students’ academic development. We aim to equip our graduates with the necessary skills to become leaders, not only in their chosen profession, but in the community. We emphasise the ethical, moral, social and environmental duties of the modern business leader, highlighting social justice and ethical business practices. Business students are encouraged to make a real contribution to industry, government and the broader community.

We welcome you to the Faculty of Business and we are sure that you will benefit significantly from the course you have chosen. You will have the unique opportunity of studying with both local and international students and be taught by a highly motivated, experienced and truly global academic team. Your experience in the Faculty of Business will prepare you to be successful in your chosen career in business while making a significant contribution to society.

Professor Elizabeth More AM
Executive Dean, Faculty of Business