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Technology (Major)

Note: Specialisation only available at Strathfield campus; normally only available to students in the Bachelor of Teaching/Bachelor of Arts course.

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Major and Minor sequences by campus

Unit Code Credit Points Unit Name
SCIT204 10

Science for Technologists (Inc: SCIO101 Science for Technologists, SCIO204 Science for Technologists)

TECH105 10

Design Principles

TECH107 10

Design Issues in Timber

TECH108 10

Designing with Textiles

TECH206 10

Design Issues in Metal

TECH207 10

Food Management

TECH208 10

Design and Manufacturing (Pre: TECH107 Design Issues in Timber and TECH206 Design Issues in Metal)

TECH209 10

Textile Industries (Pre: TECH108 Designing with Textiles)

TECH210 10

Food and Nutrition (Pre: TECH207 Food Management)

TECH211 10

Control Systems (Pre: SCIO204 Science for Technologists)

TECH212 10

Textile Innovations (Pre: SCIO204 Science for Technologists)

TECH213 10 Food Industries (Pre: TECH207 Food Management)
TECH306 10

Managing Innovation (Pre: 30 cp from advanced level units in Technology)

TECH307 10

Design and Technology Internship (Pre: 30 cp from advanced level units in Technology)