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Politics (Major)

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Major and Minor sequences by campus

Unit Code Credit Points Unit Name
PHIL202 10 Political and Social Philosophy
POLS100 10 The Nature of Politics
POLS101 10 Introduction to Australian Politics
POLS103 10 Introduction to Comparative Politics
POLS200 10 Issues in Australian Politics (Pre: POLS101 Introduction to Australian Politics)
POLS201 10 Middle Eastern Politics
POLS202 10 Southeast Asian Politics
POLS203 10 Introduction to American Politics
POLS204 10 Chinese and Russian Politics
POLS205 10 Political Psychology
POLS206 10 Japanese Politics
POLS208 10

Issues in American Politics (Pre: 10 cp from 100-level units in Politics and POLS203 Introduction to American Politics)

POLS210 10

Contemporary Australian Indigenous Politics (Pre: 10 cp from 100-level units in Politics or Indigenous Studies)

POLS211 10

Contemporary Chinese Politics (Inc: POLS204 Chinese and Russian Politics)

POLS212 10 Politics in the Developing World (Inc: POLS209 Contemporary Politics)
POLS308 10

Politics and Public Policy (Pre: 40 cp from 100/200-level units in Politics)

POLS309 10

World Politics and Justice (Pre: 40 cp from 100/200-level units in Politics or GLST201 Global Change and Development)