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Media (Major)

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Major and Minor sequences by campus

Unit Code Credit Points Unit Name
ENGL222 10

Literature and Visual Text (Pre: 10 cp from 100-level unit in Literature or MEDA101 Theorising the Media)

MEDA100 10 Introduction to Media Production
MEDA101 10 Theorising the Media
MEDA200 10 Audio Production 1
MEDA201 10 Screen Production 1(Pre: MEDA100 Introduction to Media Production)
MEDA202 10 2D Computer Animation 1
MEDA203 10 3D Computer Animation 1 (Pre: MEDA202 2D Computer Animation 1)
MEDA206 10 Audio Production 2A (Pre: MEDA200 Audio Production 1)
MEDA207 10 Audio Production 2B (Pre: MEDA200 Audio Production 1)
MEDA208 10 Screen Production 2A (Pre: MEDA201 Screen Production 1)
MEDA209 10 Understanding Screen Texts
MEDA210 10 Screen Production 2B (Pre: MEDA201 Screen Production 1)
MEDA211 10 Media Law (Pre: MEDA101 Theorising the Media)
MEDA213 10 Power, Propaganda and Persuasion (Pre: MEDA101 Theorising the Media or 10 cp from 100-level unit in Communication)
MEDA214 10 Digital Imaging
MEDA215 10 Media Production for Social Justice
MEDA301 10 Event Management and Production for the Community
MUSC276 10 Music Technology 2 (Pre: MUSC275 Music Technology 1 or MEDA200 Audio Production 1)
PERF215 10 Screen Studies (Pre: 10 cp from 100-level unit in Drama)