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8. Status and Commencement Date of Candidature

8.1 Commencement date of candidature

The date of commencement of candidature shall be determined by the Associate Dean after receiving the advice of the Executive Dean, the Head of School or Course Coordinator (as applicable).

8.2 Enrolment status

8.2.1 An applicant may be accepted either as a full-time candidate or a part-time candidate.

8.2.2 An applicant for a higher degree may be permitted to proceed as a part-time candidate provided that evidence is supplied by the Head of School, in consultation with the proposed Principal Supervisor, sufficient to satisfy the Associate Dean and/or RTSC that adequate and regular contact will be maintained between the candidate, the supervisor and the School/Faculty.

8.2.3 A candidate may transfer from one enrolment status to another on such terms as the Associate Dean and/or RTSC may prescribe and the Associate Dean, in consultation with the Head of School and Principal Supervisor, shall determine the new date for completion of the degree requirements.

8.3 Provisional candidature

8.3.1 Applicants for Master’s level candidature may be admitted on a provisional basis, subject to conditions approved by the URC, upon the recommendation of the Executive Dean and such other persons as may be appropriate.

8.3.2 Applicants for PhD and Masters candidature are normally admitted on a provisional basis.

8.3.3 The Associate Dean and/or RTSC shall consider the reports furnished by or in respect of the candidate and the recommendation of the Head of School after the candidate has completed a Thesis Defence Seminar to be Confirmed in Candidature:

  1. after a provisional Master’s candidate has completed one semester as a full-time student or two semesters as a part-time student; or
  2. after a provisional Doctoral candidate has completed one year as a full-time student or two years as a part-time student.

The Associate Dean and/or RTSC may then admit the student as a candidate, continue the provisional candidature, or terminate the enrolment.