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16. Submission of Thesis for Examination

16.1 On completing the course of advanced study and research, a candidate shall submit a written thesis based on work carried out during candidature.

The thesis must demonstrate:

  1. the ability of the candidate to conduct a research program;
  2. a command of knowledge and skills pertinent to the area of investigation; and
  3. a critical appreciation and understanding of the relationship of the candidate’s work to the work of others within the subject area.

In addition, a Doctoral thesis shall demonstrate that the candidate:

  1. has made a substantial contribution to knowledge; and
  2. appreciates and understands the relationship of the candidate’s own investigations to a wider field of learning.

16.2 A thesis shall comply with the guidelines contained in the Policy on the Preparation and Presentation of a Thesis for Examination.

16.3 Work published before the commencement of candidature and not submitted for another degree or diploma may not be included towards fulfilling the requirements for the degree except with the special permission of the RTSC. Such work is considered to be a starting point for postgraduate research and would normally need to be rewritten considerably, re-analysed or extended to form a legitimate part of a thesis. Candidates may include in the thesis a reference to, or summary of, the work for information, provided appropriate references are included in the introduction to the thesis.

16.4 A candidate may not present as the thesis any work for which another degree or diploma has been awarded by this University or any other academic institution, but such a candidate shall not be precluded from incorporating extracts from such work in the thesis, provided that the source of each extract is stated explicitly and that the sum of any such extracts does not in the judgment of the RTSC constitute a substantial proportion of the thesis.

16.5 Unless the RTSC determines otherwise, the thesis and any other written work submitted for the Master’s or Doctoral degree shall be written in the English language.

16.6 The thesis may incorporate or include as an appendix any publications resulting from the work completed during candidature whether or not the candidate is the sole author or one of the joint authors.

16.7 Where the thesis draws on any work for which the candidate has been jointly responsible, evidence satisfactory to the RTSC identifying the section of the work for which the candidate was responsible shall be provided by the candidate to the RTSC. Those parts of the thesis which derive from such work shall be identified as such in the thesis by the candidate.

16.8 A candidate may submit with the thesis other kinds of relevant additional material (such as films, tape recordings, models, etc) for purposes of illustration. Such material shall be accompanied by evidence of the extent to which the candidate has been responsible for its preparation. After consideration of the recommendation of the Principal Supervisor, the RTSC shall decide whether such material shall be deemed to constitute part of the thesis for the purpose of examination.