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15. General Requirements for the Continuation of Candidature

15.1 Under the leadership of the Principal Supervisor, candidates shall:

  1. maintain adequate and regular contact in person with each of their supervisors and the School (except those covered by Regulations 10.2, 10.3 and 10.4 above, who shall follow such requirements as the RTSC may determine in each case); and
  2. submit reports on academic progress as and when requested by the Principal Supervisor, the Associate Dean or the RTSC.

15.2 Candidates shall, at such times and within such periods of time as may be requested by the Associate Dean and the Principal Supervisor, or the RTSC, attend such lectures, seminars or School symposia, submit such written work, and carry out and complete such practical assignments, research projects and field studies as may be required.

15.3 The RTSC, in consultation with the Associate Dean and the Principal Supervisor, may require a candidate at any time to present for an oral or written examination in the branch of knowledge appropriate to the subject of the thesis or of any required course of study being undertaken.

15.4 Work-in-progress seminars

15.4.1 After approval of the thesis proposal by the RTSC, Doctoral candidates will be expected to present within the School/Faculty annual Doctoral level work-in-progress seminars arranged by the Principal Supervisor.

15.4.2 All Doctoral candidates shall participate actively in research seminars and shall present an update on their research at these seminars.

15.4.3 A final seminar is to be scheduled to occur at the stage when the candidate will be able to define and defend the major results and conclusions emerging from the research.This seminar will usually take place when the candidate is about to provide the required three months advance Notice of Intention to submit a thesis for examination.

15.5 Academic progress

15.5.1 A candidate enrolled in the thesis component of the degree program shall submit an Academic Progress Report to the RTSC at least annually on a form provided to the candidate. The candidate shall discuss it with the Principal Supervisor, who shall forward it to the Head of School. The Head of School will refer to the Associate Dean for comment, any instances where academic progress is unsatisfactory.

15.5.2 All candidates working on the thesis component in the early stages of their candidature shall normally meet with their Principal Supervisor once a fortnight. Candidates should submit written work regularly. There may be a stage in the research where supervisory meetings may be held less frequently; such meetings when held should be of longer duration. Candidates in the later stage in their candidature shall meet with their Principal Supervisor at least once a month, unless otherwise directed by the RTSC. In the final writing-up stages of the research it may be necessary for supervisory meetings to be held in person once a fortnight.

15.5.3 All candidates enrolled in a thesis are required to submit to their supervisors at least one completed chapter or substantial report on the progress of the thesis by the end of each year of candidature, bearing in mind the due date for submitting the thesis for examination.

15.5.4 Whenever the Principal Supervisor or the Associate Dean considers that a candidate is not making satisfactory progress or is not complying with the requirements of these Regulations, the RTSC may, after seeking clarification (if necessary) from the Principal Supervisor and the Head of School, require the candidate to show cause why candidature should not be terminated on the grounds of unsatisfactory progress.

15.5.5 If the RTSC, after giving the candidate an opportunity to be heard and after considering all the evidence before it, believes that the candidate has failed to make satisfactory progress it may:

  1. terminate the candidate's enrolment for the degree; or
  2. specify in writing conditions under which the candidate's enrolment for the degree may continue on a probationary basis.

15.5.6 If, within twenty days of the date of a letter informing the candidate of the RTSC decision,a candidate objects in writing to the RTSC to the conditions specified in accordance with Regulation 15.5.5 (b) the RTSC shall review them and may:

  1. amend the conditions under which the candidate is allowed to remain enrolled for the degree; or
  2. terminate the candidate's enrolment for the degree.

15.5.7 The RTSC shall report any termination of candidature to the URC and Academic Board.